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ActivU Project 2nd Congress “Your Future”

ActivU Project 2nd Congress “Your Future”

On the 17th of July, Professor Pedro Teques, a researcher at IPMAIA, and one of those responsible for the ActivU project, was invited to present this project at the 2nd Congress "Your Future", by Sports Embassy, which took place online.

This congress aims to bring testimonies and debates to society in a positive context in search of solutions and answers for a moment to which no athlete can escape, after his sports career. During the 16th, 17th and 18th of July 2020, the congress was invited by several Athletes and ex-Athletes who joined for a Congress that debated Sport in Portugal and the role of Athletes in our society.

In this context, the presentation of the ActivU project at this Congress made it possible to motivate this sensitive group of society, the Ex-athletes, to the importance of a regular and supervised practice of physical activity, properly oriented to their particularities and constraints, and with the support of a team specialized in this matter.