The Project

The ActivU project addresses the topic of, encourage participation in physical activity (PA), supporting the implementation of the Council Recommendation on health-enhancing, following EU Guidelines.

In this line, ActivU aims to increase awareness and behavioral change in former active citizens with and without disabilities toward a healthy active lifestyle through enrichment of counselling and prescription procedures to effective use of physical activity and other health behaviors.

The specific project objectives are:

  1. Develop communities of practice for awareness and knowledge about active lifestyle among former active citizens, practitioners, academics, and sport/labour stakeholders;
  2. Empower knowledge sharing and best practices with an emphasis on former active citizens’ behavioral change for healthy active lifestyle using e-learning material and traineeship monitored by specialized trainers;
  3. Informing the target groups about the specific condition of the healthy active lifestyle among former active citizens;
  4. Design and develop self-report measurement and e-learning content packaged in healthy active lifestyle to support former active citizens assessing their healthy active lifestyle;
  5. To increase sport stakeholders and policy makers’ awareness about the benefits of using online healthy active lifestyle resources for behavior change of former active citizens.

Thus, ActivU is bringing together 8 sport, senior and education European organizations to certify practitioners (trainers) and promote healthy active lifestyle among former active citizens (trainees). In total, 32 Trainers and 64 trainees will work together in each 8 partner countries in a traineeship programme. Before traineeship programme starts, former active citizens will be profiled and screened using a short-form measure, and trainers will be trained and certified to intervene with former active citizens through a e-training programme that runs in 8 European countries.


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